Best phone apps for physical and spiritual health

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If you are looking for a way to stay healthy both physically and spiritually, we've compiled a list of mobile apps for you to do just that! Here are some apps to help you improve your overall well being:

Sworkit is a home-exercising app that customizes your workouts based on needs like losing weight, building strength, or injury recovery.

MyFitnessPal and MyNetDiary help track calories, view nutrients, and set weight loss goals.

Just as it’s important to care for your physical health, it’s important to grow spiritually.

Echo Prayer is a perfect way to keep track of your Prayers Unceasing prayer requests. The app enables you to share them with others and set daily reminders.

The Bible Memory App enables you to select what verses you would like to memorize, and then gives you an incremental plan for memorizing them.

Read Scripture by the Bible Project combines informative videos with a portion of scripture. This app helps you get in the Word daily and better understand what you are reading.

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