Celebrating 40 years of service—and many more to come (part seven)

Forty days in the storm

By Craig J. Brown II, President & CEO

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CHM has weathered many storms during its history, emerging stronger after each one. Since its founding, healthcare regulations and costs have risen exponentially. The faith that led to CHM’s inception is the same faith that guides it into the future.

It’s possible to imagine, but not know, what was going through Noah’s mind when a cloudburst brought torrents of rain on the earth that didn’t let up for 40 days and nights (Genesis 7:4). Prior to the flood, it had never rained. There had only been streams and morning dew to keep the earth moist and fertile (Genesis 2:5). When the floodwaters began to buoy the ark off its building site, I can imagine that Noah questioned if the ark would withstand the test.

Since its founding, CHM has withstood the test and has helped hundreds of thousands of Christians weather the storms of healthcare costs.

Noah began his 120-year building project by faith, drawing up the ark’s engineering plans, gathering construction material, and working diligently to finish the project. His goal was to build an ark that would save his family and animals of each kind.

Throughout the New Testament, the followers of Christ were encouraged to help their Christian brothers and sisters by sharing with those who had fallen on hard times. Paul and his associates collected donations from those parts of the Mediterranean world that were doing well to give to Christians who were hurting. (1 Corinthians 15:1-2; 2 Corinthians 8:13-21). They joyfully shared with them.

The idea of sharing healthcare costs with other Christians is the very backbone of CHM’s mission!

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