CHM member surprised by cancer, testifies to God’s miraculous healing and grace

By Tammy Sharp, Gladstone, Mo.

When we joined CHM in Jan. 2017, we weren’t aware of the ministry’s many benefits, but we needed to do something because healthcare costs were just too expensive.

In Feb. the next year, I went to the doctor for my annual woman’s wellness exam. I was surprised when the doctor found a lump in my right breast.

The next week I went for a mammogram and ultrasound and the results were not promising. The doctor ordered a biopsy to determine if I had cancer.

After a bit of research, we found a facility that worked well with self-pay patients and gave good discounts. It wasn’t too far from our home. I had biopsies performed on the lump and surrounding lymph nodes. The doctors and staff were so kind and helpful.

A week later I heard dreadful news: breast cancer. The doctor said the tumor was fast growing and that I should pursue treatment as soon as possible. The news was unexpected since I have no family history of cancer and I had recently begun living a more wholesome and healthy lifestyle.

I underwent my first round of chemotherapy and noticed that the lump felt different, which I mentioned at my next oncology appointment. The doctor checked on it, and I’m so glad she did. The results surprised and encouraged us both. The tumor had softened and decreased in size. I knew God was healing my body and testified as much to my doctor.

Several months later after my last chemo treatment, the doctor ordered a MRI, expecting to see further reduction in tumor size. I received a follow-up call the same afternoon only to find out the tumor was completely gone!

My doctor was surprised and excited by this news and I, too, was ecstatic to experience God’s miraculous healing. Moreover, I was thankful for the wonderful opportunity to talk about my faith with my oncologist and other medical staff who got to watch God work in me.

When I spoke with a CHM representative about my cancer diagnosis, he was very helpful and told me how to complete and submit the medical bill processing forms and itemized bills. With his help I knew exactly what to do. I also knew the importance of asking healthcare providers for cash-pay discounts. I was encouraged because, after talking with my providers, I received discounts from everyone who treated me.

However, the real CHM highlight was when the checks for my medical bills arrived in the mail. My cancer was our first experience using CHM, and we weren’t sure how it would work. Yet our experience showed us how well the program works when our CHM family shared nearly $8,000 after we received discounts.

Your perspective really changes when you’re diagnosed with a disease that could take your life. Since God has spared my life, I treasure my family more than ever. I also believe He is calling me to help others who are traveling through the same cancer journey.

In Nov. 2018, just 10 months after my initial diagnosis, I was declared cancer-free! I’ve been through chemo, surgery and radiation and am thankful for the miraculous work God has done in my body and for the ways in which He used brothers and sisters in Christ to carry the financial costs.

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