Craig Brown, CHM’s new president and CEO, says “no greater goal than glorifying God and serving His people”

Editor’s note: This information was published in the May 2020 issue of Heartfelt Magazine, CHM’s monthly magazine that provides CHM membership-related tips and tricks, medical advice from doctors, testimonies from CHM members, and more. Please refer to the CHM Guidelines and applicable web pages for the most up-to-date information regarding CHM membership, sharing eligibility, and ministry news.

Craig Brown, Christian Healthcare Ministries’ new President and Chief Executive Officer, believes his greatest value to the ministry is to lead the team that serves its members in a manner similar to that of an orchestra conductor.

“The conductor isn’t necessarily the best violin player or clarinet player, or the best at any particular instrument; rather, what the conductor does—what CHM’s CEO must do—is bring the group together, move it forward, and inspire people to work at an ever-higher level toward a great goal,” Brown says.

“There is no better aim than glorifying God and serving His people, and at CHM, both are happening for wonderful Christian people served by a great team of professionals,” he added. “My goal will be to lead in a way that will motivate, encourage and enable employees and members alike to experience new levels of satisfaction, service and spiritual joy from the ministry that belongs to all of them.”

The CHM Board of Directors named Brown, former Chief Relationship Officer at Ohio Christian University (OCU), as the ministry’s new leader after an extensive, months-long search process.

Roy Hamilton, CHM Board Chairman, said a factor in Brown’s selection was the diversity of career experience and success he’s achieved.

“Craig has been successful at achieving big goals throughout his career,” Hamilton said. “He has helped build OCU and other organizations financially, administratively and spiritually. He understands and lives the role of a servant leader. We’re looking forward to great things for our present members, and those to come, as he takes the reins of CHM.”

Brown, 51, has been on the OCU staff since 2013, when he became special assistant to the university president. His subsequent OCU positions include Vice President for Advancement and Vice President for Entrepreneurship. In 2019 he became Chief Relationship Officer, in which he nurtured relationships with key university stakeholders in such areas as legislative liaison, corporate and church relations, and presidential liaison.

Before joining OCU, Brown served as the administrative pastor at Kenwood Bible Methodist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Prior to that, his career focus was on business and healthcare in the following roles: restaurant and real estate holding company partner; manufacturing company chief financial officer; assistant to a medical physicist; pharmacy technician, and emergency department technician at The Christ Hospital, Cincinnati.

Brown earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree, with an emphasis on accounting and finance from the University of Cincinnati, and his Master of Business Administration from OCU.

The announcement to CHM employees was made March 10, at a special meeting for employees at the CHM Event Center. Introducing Brown to the ministry’s 250 employees was Dr. Carol Peters-Tanksley, a CHM board member and physician, minister, author, and speaker from Austin, Texas—who served as ministry Interim Executive Vice President.

“Please welcome Christian Healthcare Ministries’ new President and CEO, Craig Brown!” she said, after which employees cheered and applauded as Brown took the stage.

Also representing the CHM Board of Directors were Claude Hopper, (patriarch of The Hoppers singing group), Madison, N.C., and Joe Emert, president of NewLife Radio Ministries, Locust Grove, Ga. Other board members are Hamilton, of Hurricane, W.Va.; Jeff Yount, president and owner of The Decorating Center, Mifflinburg, Pa.; Bruce Hugill, president and founder of Acorn Financial Group, Skiatook, Okla.; and Vic Porter, president and founder of Vic Porter Ministries, Inc., Nixa, Mo.

After the employee meeting, Brown, accompanied by his son, Parker, toured the ministry’s two main buildings along with CHM’s vice presidents: Dave Zahn, Administration; Charity Beall, Chief Financial Officer; Norma Mull, Member Services, Groups and Conferences; Rich Bochart, Program Services; Lauren Gajdek, Communications and Media; David Tschantz, General Counsel; and Bryan Schultz, Chief Information Officer.

“I am grateful to the board for their confidence in me, and I will work with everything that’s in me to justify their confidence and that of CHM’s employees,” Brown says. “I am a new person in Christ. That’s the center of my being.

“I will champion this organization, its employees, and the Christian brothers and sisters we serve. We’ll have the highest levels of accountability, transparency, character, concern and care. Just as with an orchestra, I want to lead CHM to be the best it can be, and the best it has ever been, to glorify God and serve His people.”

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