Don’t miss out on the advantages of telemedicine

By Dr. Michael Jacobson, D.O., M.P.H., CHM Medical Director

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Telemedicine for CHM members has been a goal of CHM’s Provider Relations team, the mission of which is to assist CHM members in accessing quality care while saving on cost in the process. And now, telemedicine is here, with free services for CHM members using HealthiestYou™ by Teladoc.

Here are a few advantages of telemedicine:

Access. Telemedicine removes time and distance barriers to care. Wherever you are and whatever time it is, you can quickly “get in” to see the doctor.

Quality. Telemedicine cuts the risk of transmitting infections, improves patient engagement in their care, and enables remote monitoring. For example, one of my family members has an implanted cardiac monitor. The cardiologist can monitor and be alerted to dysrhythmias that might occur any time of day or night.

Cost. Around 30 percent of emergency department (ED) visits are non-urgent. Telemedicine cuts down ED visits by 20 percent, and results in 38 percent fewer hospital admissions and readmissions. The average telemedicine appointment costs around $50 (free for CHM members using HealthiestYou™), while the average ED visit is $922. Telemedicine can save big.

We’re excited about the new relationship and service that Teladoc’s HealthiestYou™ brings to CHM members. Members can use the free app to find healthcare providers nearby, connect with doctors 24/7/365, compare prices on common procedures, and save money on prescriptions.

Telemedicine doesn’t replace a solid primary care physician’s relationship and service, but it sure helps meet a great need and adds tremendous value!

At the time of this writing, HealthiestYou™ has saved members over $679,338 for their general medical health. That’s a lot of cash!

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