Pools and schools: Juggling life as a working adult

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Adulting is hard. Especially for those of us who thought that the path forward was a straight line. Maybe it’s a straight line, but it feels more like we’re having to walk that straight line while juggling a bowling ball, an angry cat, a bowl of French onion soup, and a laptop on which we’re also trying to type the complete works of Shakespeare. This work/life balance can be especially challenging in August when parents are preparing their children to return to school.

So how do we do it?

Let’s apply the three juggling essentials to the successful management of life.

1. The throw (make a plan)

Ask any talented juggler and they’ll tell you that the secret to juggling is in the throwing, not the catching. Think of the throw as your plan. You’re placing things where you want to catch them.

Write a household mission statement with your family to help keep the overall goal in mind. Set prayer appointments that you commit to keeping with God. Keep it simple, and make sure it’s all achievable.

2. The catch (follow the plan)

A throw is only as good as its catch. How well do you follow the plan? If you’re taking the time and effort to decide what goes into the plan, be as faithful in following what you’ve written.

3. The balance (stay grounded)

Give your body and soul space to breathe. Don’t try to do too much, too fast, or your body—and soul—will start to break down. Though your soul will go on forever, your body will not. So it’s best to take care of it.

When you forget why you’re doing all this work, you’ll end up either resenting your responsibilities or the people you’re responsible for. Regularly connect with God and each member of your household. By committing to relationships, you make it easier to juggle well.

We live in a world that encourages and celebrates the kinds of lifestyles that end in burnout. It’s up to us to care for ourselves and our families by carefully and prayerfully ordering our days. We can turn our stressful juggling act into an enjoyable dance. When we throw, catch, and balance well, we honor the One who gave us our resources and the ones for whom we use our resources.

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