Rev. Dr. Howard S. Russell

President and CEO

The Rev. Dr. Howard S. Russell is President and Chief Executive Officer of Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM), a Bible-based organization that enables hundreds of thousands of Christians across the country to meet their healthcare costs.

Rev. Russell has management oversight for the services and activities carried out by CHM and its employees. In this role, Rev. Russell has spoken in numerous churches and has discussed CHM on Fox News’ “Huckabee,” NBC’s “Dateline,” PBS’s “Religion & Ethics,” CNN’s “Situation Room” and with numerous other religious and secular organizations.

Rev. Russell also serves as board chairman of the New Destiny Treatment Center (Clinton, Ohio), a faith-based, state-certified residential alcohol and drug treatment center that has a mission of returning husbands to their wives, fathers to their children, and sons to their parents.

Rev. Russell spent 12 years in private business, five of them as owner of his own company, before becoming a full-time minister. He pastored a church for 16 years in Knoxville, Tenn. He is an ordained elder with the International Fellowship of Bible Churches and is today a member of Wadsworth Church of the Nazarene (Wadsworth, Ohio).

In 2015 he received an honorary Doctor of Christian Leadership degree from Ohio Christian University (OCU).

Rev. Russell and his wife, Barbara, have been married since 1971. They live in Doylestown, Ohio. They have two sons, Stephen and Joseph.

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