CHM isn’t insurance, and doesn’t use insurance agents

CHM, a voluntary cost-sharing ministry, is not health insurance.  As such, CHM doesn’t contract, incentivize, or in any other manner, work with insurance agents to bring new members into the ministry.

As you may be researching CHM for possible membership, it’s important that you know our position.

Our largest source of new members comes from CHM members explaining the ministry to their friends and family members. CHM doesn’t have insurance products. We don’t pay commissions to agents. Agents are not authorized, allowed, or able - in any form, manner, or capacity - to “sell” CHM to prospective members.

If you’re visiting our website because you’re interested in becoming a CHM member, we hope you will prayerfully consider joining with Christians across the country who have chosen our voluntary health cost sharing ministry as a way to deal with their healthcare costs.

However, if someone tries to literally “sell” you on joining, don’t buy it. Call or email us directly and we’ll be delighted to share the CHM story with you.

If an insurance agent attempts to “sell” you CHM membership, please contact us at


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