After using its maternity program, parents have “never regretted” joining CHM, By Karissa Thorpe, Raleigh, NC

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When we first heard about Christian Healthcare Ministries through my father, it seemed too good to be true. After I helped my mom with submitting medical bills to CHM and witnessed everything working smoothly, I had a moment of, “Wow, this actually works.”

Because I work part-time in ministry, CHM’s biblical worldview and community with other like-hearted, like-minded people was very appealing. With CHM, the Body of Christ bears one another's burdens. CHM also offers flexibility to move where the Lord leads you in ministry and business. We’ve had a lot of friends decide to start their own business, plant a church, or start a ministry, and we're always excited to tell them about CHM.

CHM’s maternity program was one of the biggest reasons we joined. Children are a gift from God, and we wanted a little bit of child-induced happy chaos in our life. So far, we’ve had two children through CHM, with a third on the way.

It's very easy to get the paperwork that's needed, and self-pay discounts aren’t difficult to obtain. Taking ownership of our billing has made us more knowledgeable and equipped in dealing with healthcare providers. It's not a difficult process—it's just a different way of doing things. We’re confident that if we follow the CHM Guidelines, we don’t need to worry about our medical bills being reimbursed.

CHM might seem too good to be true, but we've seen it work for us with each pregnancy we’ve had. We budgeted for the Gold program with Brother’s Keeper: we’ve never regretted that choice. Brother’s Keeper gives us peace of mind, knowing if there is a bigger incident in our future, we’ll have that support.

Scripture talks about leaning on the Body of Christ when disaster strikes, and I think CHM is a 21st century example of that biblical truth.

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