Andrew & Tiffany Tidwell, Niceville, FL

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Andrew and Tiffany Tidwell of Niceville, Fla., recently received health cost support for the birth of their children through CHM’s maternity program.

Christian Healthcare Ministries: What are the names of your children and when were they born?

Tiffany Tidwell: Elias Benjamin Tidwell was born June 17, 2013.

CHM: What influenced you to join Christian Healthcare Ministries?

TT: I had been working for a pharmaceutical company before joining CHM. It was bought out by a larger company, after which my employment ended. Rather than pursuing another position, we decided that I would stay home with our young son, Leyton, while helping run my husband’s real estate company.

Andrew is self-employed so we began to research our insurance options. Like many people, we found that the expense far outweighed our family’s needs. We don’t have any ongoing medical issues, but we were hoping to have another child. We chose the Gold level for me and the Silver level for both Andrew and Leyton.

CHM: Please tell us about your experience with CHM’s maternity program.

TT: Throughout the process, we spoke with several people at CHM, but Denise Pennington and Sandy Wiggins in the Member Assistance department were the two staff members who were especially helpful to us.

CHM: Did you experience any complications with your pregnancy?

TT: Other than a cesarean delivery, we had no complications. Still, our hospital bills alone—not including anesthesiology, labs, and a few other necessities—were over $17,000 and the total bills were more than $24,500. As a “cash patient,” however, we were charged about $13,000. CHM shared these remaining expenses and we received the funds prior to the delivery date. When it was all said and done, we had fewer out-of-pocket expenses with this pregnancy than with our first child when we had insurance.

CHM: Would you recommend CHM’s maternity program to other couples who desire to have children?

TT: Definitely, because we already have recommended CHM! At first we were a little hesitant to join because of the stigma of being a self-pay patient. We were nervous to abandon the security we thought we had with insurance, but we are now fully confident in CHM. In fact, our entire family is now on the Gold level.

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