Blogger with 10 kids says it’s “incredible to be a CHM member, Amy Roberts, Leavenworth, Kansas

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Our fifth child, Emily, had a pretty difficult birth. We were in the hospital for a while, with several interventions. Even through all that stress, we were able to see how the Lord provided for us.

When Emily was about five months old, she became very sick and was throwing up.

What was supposed to be a simple surgery revealed malrotation of the intestines. Doctors had to resect a part of the intestine that had twisted off and died. It was an intense surgery, especially for a five-month-old.

They got what they thought was enough of the bowel, and we brought Emily home just before Christmas. Right after Christmas, she started throwing up again.

We took her back to the hospital. They put her under anesthesia and removed more bowel. We brought her home, thinking she was on the mend.

But one morning, she woke up and though looking off in the distance with a slight smile, she wasn’t breathing properly.

We raced off to the ER, and I ran in with her in my arms and said, “Something’s wrong with my baby.”

They started working on her, but they couldn’t get her stabilized. There came a point where I couldn’t watch them work on her anymore. I knew she was gone.

We held her hand, and we prayed and grieved. She was seven-and-a-half months old.

It’s incredible to be a CHM member. This was one of the hardest parts of our life, yet we still felt so blessed by how God was caring for us through our fellow CHM members. There wasn’t any financial hardship through this because CHM stepped in and made sure that we could just grieve.

We’ve had five more kids after Emily, and CHM has supported us through each one of those births.

We’re so thankful for this ministry!

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