Brain tumor highlights the faithfulness of CHM members, Sarah La Croix, Berwick, Maine

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My eye doctor looked me directly in the eye and said, “There’s something potentially wrong, and I need you to get an MRI.”

I accepted his words and said, “Okay, that’s fine.”

Then, I passed out.

A week after my appointment with the eye doctor, I had my MRI. I spent the entire hour praying, asking God to give me peace; whatever happened, I wanted Him to receive all the glory.

After my MRI, I drove back to work, thinking that I was going to complete my shift. Just as I arrived, I received a phone call from my doctor. The MRI revealed a tumor, and I needed to get to an emergency room as fast as possible.

My husband, Chris, met me at the hospital, and we talked with a neurologist. The tumor was close to my brainstem, which is very dangerous. The removal surgery would last about six hours. The doctor explained that I had almost a 100 percent chance of nerve damage and deafness in one ear.

I was in surgery for eight hours. They got almost all of the tumor. The surgeon had to “stretch” my nerves around the tumor to get it out; as a result, I looked like I had a stroke.

People around the world prayed that the procedure wouldn't cost me my hearing. When I came out of surgery, I told Chris I could hear a little bit. The surgeon couldn’t believe it.

Chris and I are incredibly thankful for CHM. The faithfulness of our fellow CHM members enabled us to live our normal lives and focus on recovery, not on medical bills. Being a part of a ministry like CHM gives us a tremendous feeling of confidence, especially when medical bills arise unexpectedly.


Brain tumor bills are no match for CHM members

At 28 years old, Sarah La Croix and her husband weren’t expecting any extensive medical bills. Instead, she brushed off her headaches and other symptoms as side effects of a busy life as a nurse. However, when an MRI revealed a tumor growing next to her brain stem, everything came to a halt. Would CHM members be there to help?

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