Charles & Jackie Walker, Casper, WY

Total eligible bills
Provider discounts
Total bills shared

When some friends who are CHM members said how much they loved the ministry (particularly for maternity), we looked into it. When we saw the low costs and that maternity assistance was available at no extra cost, we decided to give CHM a try. We joined in May 2013.

After learning I was pregnant, I called CHM and asked what we needed to do. They were excited for us, directed me to the appropriate paperwork, and told me what to ask for at our first doctor’s appointment. I spoke to many CHM staff members regarding bill sharing and all were extremely helpful.

Emma Jo weighed eight pounds, 15.3 ounces. She measured 22 inches long. She was born on her great-grandfather Joe’s birthday. We named her Emma Jo in honor of him.

We were fortunate not to have any complications, but our bills totaled $12,588 after $1,638 in discounts. We met our personal responsibility through discounts, and CHM shared the remaining amount.

However, as first-time parents we didn’t realize there were separate hospital fees. These weren’t included in the hospital’s “global fee” we had previously submitted to CHM. These charges totaled nearly $5,800 after discounts. As soon as we received the bills, we sent them to CHM and marked them as “add-ons.” Unfortunately, the bills were lost in the mail.

I called the ministry to explain the situation and told them about the hospital’s deadline for a significant discount. A staff member told me to email the bills and they would begin working on them right away. We received a check for that amount a week later, and it arrived in time to receive the discount!

We recommend Christian Healthcare Ministries all the time. CHM is an amazing, godly ministry. We felt at ease because we didn’t have to deal with an insurance company. The women’s center and hospital staff, too, were impressed with CHM.

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