Cheryl Anderson, Hudson, WI

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In late 2014 I prayed for guidance with health care costs and soon after heard about Christian Healthcare Ministries from my friend, Teri. I took a leap of faith and joined in November 2014.

My husband, Chuck, and I were skeptical at first. CHM sounded too good to be true. Little did I know that just 10 months after joining I would see firsthand how the ministry works and how it comes through for its members.

I like to stay active and in 2015 began training for a marathon, in addition to my habits of hiking and golfing regularly. In August I experienced mild symptoms of a heart problem that would have been easy to overlook: indigestion, discomfort in my left arm (that I attributed to golfing) and slight tightness in my chest while mowing the lawn (“It’s just hot and the humidity is high,” I thought.)

A particularly painful bout of what I thought was indigestion caused me to seek medical advice. The diagnosis? Coronary artery disease.

I struggled to understand. How could this happen? I wondered. I’m healthy and training for a marathon! I always take care of myself. And so on.

Meanwhile, I was anxious about CHM helping me with my health care costs and prayed I had made the right decision. I called the ministry to find out what to do with the accumulating medical bills.

Everyone I spoke with was caring and helpful. They directed me to the appropriate forms and advised me on how to get discounts and submit medical bills. They even asked if they could pray for me.

I underwent surgery on Aug. 24, 2015, and I’m happy to report it went well and I’ve since resumed my active lifestyle. My medical bills totaled nearly $164,000. I requested and received more than $84,000 in discounts, including a discount of nearly 58 percent on my large hospital bill!

CHM members shared the remaining $80,000 in full. Since I received discounts exceeding my personal responsibility amount, I had zero out-of-pocket costs.

Though some of my health care providers required a deposit before treatment, they also were flexible and agreed to set me up on a payment plan for the remaining charges. When I explained the CHM sharing process, the hospital staff deferred my payments for six months.

Through it all, God taught me how the power of prayer can replace fear with trust. Because I didn’t feel anxious or afraid, I experienced the peace only God can give.

Now, instead of thinking that Christian Healthcare Ministries sounds too good to be true, I can testify that it’s “that good and that true!”

I love to share my CHM testimony and carry information with me so I can talk about and recommend the ministry anytime I get the opportunity. Blessings to CHM, my family, friends and the medical staff who took good care of me. I’m forever grateful.

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