CHM family helps couple after multiple surgeries, By Jerry Murrell, Buckhannon, W.V.

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Several years ago, we were in search for a budget-friendly health plan. When we discovered Christian Healthcare Ministries, we knew our search was over.

My wife, Tammy, went for her yearly diagnostic mammogram where they discovered a lump. A biopsy revealed it was malignant. They scheduled a lumpectomy surgery for her but COVID-19 restrictions required us to postpone her surgery for a couple of months. After experiencing so many delays, what was meant to be a lumpectomy became a mastectomy. 

The surgery went well, but before she had even fully recovered, I began to experience chest pain. Over the past 20 years, I’ve had multiple stents placed in my heart, and I was experiencing a reoccurrence of symptoms. I ended up needing a coronary artery bypass surgery and another stent.

We had to take turns with surgeries, but God is good—I’m recovering, and Tammy is now cancer free!

The support and financial help from CHM have been amazing! Even though the procedures ended up being much more expensive than anticipated, we knew our CHM family had our backs. The cards and prayers were such an encouragement and inspiration to us! Before CHM, the only thing that ever came in the mail were bills.

I pastor full time, and my lovely wife sings on our worship team again. She uses her experience as an opportunity to counsel others who have walked through the trauma of battling cancer. It’s amazing to see how God can use something stressful and heartbreaking for His glory!

I can’t imagine what the financial burden would have been like without CHM. Words cannot express our gratitude!

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