Don & Suzanne Schwarz, Pearland, TX

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Thanks to the Prayer Page, a long-time, pre-existing health problem has been amazingly resolved. 

My shoulders have sustained sports injuries—one of them much worse than the other. It became so painful that it woke me up every night. I had no health insurance and, after years of increasing pain, was feeling desperate. Thankfully, the Lord directed me to Christian Healthcare Ministries. 

I learned about the Prayer Page and contacted the CHM staff. They were very informative and helpful. I was concerned about the viability of the Prayer Page, but they helped put my fears to rest. 

One staff member told me that contributions toward Prayer Page needs vary from month to month. As the Bible says in Exodus 14:13, she encouraged me to “Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord.” I felt comforted and decided to trust the Lord with my shoulder replacement surgery. 

The surgery was performed in April 2011. The cost was approximately $12,300, much lower than the original price tag of $49,600. Bill reductions totaling $38,000 made the difference. 

My shoulder hasn’t felt this good in many years, and I am very thankful to the Lord and to CHM. 

I’ve been able to make all my monthly payments on the medical bills. The Prayer Page has brought my wife, Suzanne, and I much closer to paying off our bills than we had first anticipated. 

I have recommended CHM to many of my friends and have been blessed myself to contribute to Prayer Page needs, helping others in the Body of Christ as I have been helped. 

Surely we’re seeing the grace of our Lord Jesus working through CHM!

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