Dr. Lisa Dunne, Chula Vista, CA

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My husband is a pastor and I am a college professor. A friend told us about CHM and we began doing research.

We were immediately impressed by the shared values and tremendous vision of CHM. We decided this program would be a great fit for our family and we joined the ministry in January 2014.

Our family lives a preventative lifestyle with a plant-based diet and regular exercise. In 16 years of parenting, we have never had any serious illnesses or injuries—no stitches, no breaks, no flu, no hospital visits.

However, within a month of joining CHM, we had our first need for a hospital visit, as our 10-year-old daughter fell and broke her arm at the playground. Because the first doctor misdiagnosed the issue, our daughter’s arm required surgery in order to heal correctly.

CHM was a tremendous support throughout the whole experience, and we were amazed when we received a check for the entire amount of the hospital bill—$20,000.

When we tell friends about CHM, the question they always ask is, “Does it really work?” We can now answer emphatically, “Yes, indeed!”

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