Faith Assembly of God, Summerville, South Carolina

Lead pastor of Faith Assembly of God in Summerville, S.C, Larry Burgbacher, has served his church for 35 years. Faith Assembly is a multi-site church with roughly 25 ministerial staff and hires another 55 staff to support its Christian school ministry. He shared about the advantages his staff have experienced after joining CHM.

CHM: When did your group consider CHM as a healthcare option?

LB: We were searching for new options for our healthcare. We asked other churches and ministers what they were using. Someone told us about his church’s experience with CHM.

CHM: What process did you go through before deciding to go with CHM?

LB: I worked closely with CHM to learn about its advantages, sharing process and group solutions. I asked the tough questions, including how they knew they could take care of our staff. Several things stood out:

CHM has faithfully taken care of members since 1981. We were impressed that CHM has shared 100 percent of eligible medical needs - something we saw confirmed through annual independent audits.

Monthly costs remain budget-friendly and, most importantly, stable. We have yet to hear of other healthcare options who celebrated twelve years with no cost increases.

CHM provides a completely ACA-compliant solution for groups that’s tax-free for participating groups’ employees.

The more we researched, the more our confidence in CHM grew. Our church staff joined CHM in 2018.

CHM: Did your employees immediately embrace the concept or were they shy and uncertain?

LB: I think there’s always a little bit of trepidation with anything different. We had a couple of meetings to explain things to them, answer their questions and help them get everything set up. Now that they’re in it, they’re all happy.

CHM: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

LB: I recommended CHM to other churches and our district to look at the program as a good stewardship of church money. We’re really pleased with CHM and can confidently say they’ve fulfilled everything they said they would do.

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