“God’s people carried me,” says CHM member after high-risk pregnancy, Christine Boone, Fort Worth, Texas

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Nine weeks into our pregnancy, my husband and I discovered we were having twins.

However, just five weeks later, one twin, Olivia, wasn’t doing well. Her bladder wasn’t developing normally, and because she shared a placenta with her twin, Claire, there was a greater chance that if she died, so would Claire or it would give her cerebral palsy. We were heartbroken.

My dad passed away tragically the summer before, and these twins felt like God’s gift after so much heartache. I couldn’t imagine another loss.

The twins had twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), which meant that they were sharing one placenta and a network of blood vessels. Doctors could intervene with a surgery to separate the placenta and save Claire’s life.

The Houston hospital required payment upfront. We told CHM, who contacted the hospital and worked with the provider to secure our treatment. It was such a blessing to not worry about the financial expenses when we were already overwhelmed with the twins’ future and my health.

The surgery went as well as it could have, but Olivia passed away the next day. I was devastated to lose her and to know I would still carry her for the rest of the term.

At 32 weeks, I went into labor and our girls were born. Claire was in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit for three weeks before we brought her home. Her name means “light,” and God uses her to pour His light on our family after such a time of darkness.

During this stressful time, CHM members flooded our house with letters and cards. It was such a beautiful picture of the body of Christ coming together to bear our burdens!

God was faithful; He never let go of us, even when I couldn’t lift my head or my heart. He carried me and His people carried me.

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