Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Indiana

For seven years, Indiana Wesleyan University explored non-traditional healthcare options in hopes of offering their staff a better healthcare program. On Jan. 1, 2019, a new option became available to IWU employees: Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM).

During an Association of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges (ABACC) conference in Orlando, Fla., Nancy Schoonmaker, Indiana Wesleyan University Vice President for Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer, gave a presentation at a seminar on alternative healthcare options and shared her experience providing CHM as an option for some of her staff.

IWU had been in contact with CHM during the university’s seven-year healthcare cost support search. IWU has a strong desire to provide a biblically-based healthcare option for their employees, and Nancy was intrigued with CHM.

On Jan 1. 2019, Nancy presented two options to IWU employees: They could stay with the original healthcare option or join CHM. IWU uses a self-funded healthcare program. Therefore, Nancy had to verify that CHM would be an eligible option to work with their current providers. IWU sought legal counsel, who reviewed CHM’s program and found it would work well with IWU’s arrangements.

In 2019, 87 employees voluntarily enrolled for Christian Healthcare Ministries. During their first year of membership, these new CHM members reported that CHM participation was a joy, and they were amazed by how well CHM’s health cost-sharing program worked.

Due to the positive response from employees who opted to participate, in 2020 Nancy again offered CHM to IWU employees. The testimonies and experiences from the first 87 employees led to an additional 123 employees joining CHM.

“Partnering with a ministry that provides for the healthcare needs of our employees from a biblical perspective makes it even more rewarding,” said Nancy.

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