Jay R. Lahr, Huntington, IN

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My adult son was a member of Christian Healthcare Ministries and I joined after he told me about the ministry.

Two years later, I received a call from my doctor regarding the results of a routine blood test. My PSA number was high, and he was scheduling an appointment with an urologist.

The urologist scheduled another PSA test. The score was even higher at 6.5 (the normal range is 0 to 4). A biopsy was scheduled and performed. While I waited on the results, I prayed and trusted that I didn’t have cancer.

My doctor called to tell me that two out of 12 samples were positive. I did have prostate cancer and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “This happens to other people,” I thought.

The treatment process began quickly: consultation with doctors, reading up on treatments, deciding the best course of action. Should I get surgery to remove the prostate? Or radiation treatment? Both have serious—and permanent—side effects.

We decided on a relatively new kind of treatment called CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery. My wife and I felt it was the right choice because CyberKnife targets the prostate; regular radiation treatment would have affected my entire abdomen.

Cancer is expensive. I called the billing departments of the hospital and doctors’ offices to explain CHM and request discounts on my bills. Though it was more difficult working with some providers than others, I still received $49,559 in discounts and CHM shared $116,287.

The CHM staff was always supportive and caring whenever I called to review the process of submitting medical bills for sharing. I once received a phone call from a staff member simply telling me that he was praying for me. I really appreciated that personal attention.

My PSA score after treatment was 0.7—that’s a definite cure!

Ironically, I found that incurring large medical bills was more stressful than the cancer itself, but I’m so thankful we had CHM to come alongside us. I don’t know what we would have done without the ministry. Because of my ordeal, I’ve learned that I really can trust God with my finances.

I recommend CHM whenever I can.

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