Joshua & Tiffany Berg, Franklin, NC

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Joshua and Tiffany Berg of Franklin, N.C., have a pair of exceptional reasons to say nice things about Christian Healthcare Ministries’ maternity program. Two of their sons, Wyatt, 2, and Sawyer, five months, were born after the family joined CHM. Ministry members so far have shared more than $40,000 for the two pregnancies, complications and a miscarriage Tiffany experienced in 2009.

“We heard about CHM from friends at church who have been members since the 1980s,” Tiffany said.

“Our health insurance was so expensive that we couldn’t afford to put my husband on our policy. I was nervous because even though he’s young and healthy, he works in construction and the risk of injury is high.

“We did some research and realized that CHM participation was half the cost of our health insurance, even at the Gold level. Joshua could participate and maternity also was included!”

Tiffany in 2011 suffered placental abruption and Sawyer was born five weeks early during an emergency C-section. Five weeks later Tiffany experienced further complications and spent three days in the hospital for tests.

“Due to all of my complications I had a lot of extra, unexpected expenses,” Tiffany said.

“The ministry staff helped us obtain bill discounts and negotiate with the hospitals.”

She said that she recommends Christian Healthcare Ministries to family members and friends.

“We’ve told seven or eight families about CHM and three of them have joined.”

The Bergs enjoy the added incentive offered by the Bring-a-Friend program, which earns them an extra month of participation for each new family they refer to the ministry.

“I love that the maternity program is included and isn’t something we have to pay separately,” Tiffany said. “Our medical bills have always been shared in a timely manner and the CHM staff has been helpful and supportive.”

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