Life Pointe Church, Fort Collins, CO

Life Pointe Church (Fort Collins, Colo.) decided to look into healthcare alternatives. After an individual in the 600-member congregation suggested looking into Christian Healthcare Ministries, the church staff researched the CHM program.

“We investigated a few different options for health cost sharing ministries, but CHM was the only one we found that offered a group option,” said Steve Paxton, Executive Pastor. That fact, in addition to CHM’s case-by-case consideration of group needs and characteristics, made it an easy decision. “We could not have made the change without the unique options CHM made available to us,” Paxton said.

Still, there were initial concerns among the six families—two with college-age children, two with school-age children (1st grade through junior high) and two with young children (age five and under)—participating in Life Pointe Church’s group membership. “We had some uncertainty as to how our healthcare would work with CHM,” said Paxton. “However, the ministry staff was—and continues to be—extremely helpful in walking our group through the process.”

Additionally, getting used to the idea of pursuing medical bill discounts and being—in the eyes of healthcare providers—self-pay patients required a change in mindset. It didn’t take long, though, as Paxton noted: “We love that any discounts or write-offs we receive go toward our personal responsibility amount!”

Having just passed their six-year anniversary with CHM, the group members from Life Pointe Church are still happy with their decision. Said Paxton, “CHM provides better service with fewer risks, and it put us in control of our health care. No regrets.”

Editor’s note: For more information about group memberships, e-mail or call 1-800-791-6225, ext. 1002.

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