Lisa Turner, Mt. Juliet, TN

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At the same time that God told my husband, “Be still and watch me work,” I was in the midst of incurring more than $245,000 in medical expenses. Yet, even in the midst of mounting medical bills, God clearly stated that He had already begun meeting our needs—financially and spiritually—several months earlier when our family of three joined CHM.

His provision began in January 2015 when I was preparing for retirement and seeking a budget-friendly answer to our family’s healthcare needs. He led us to Christian Healthcare Ministries and we joined the Gold program that February.

In March I began working out three times a week. I had always been extremely healthy, and even at age 57 I was rarely sick. Retirement gave me more time to maintain my health.

When October came, however, I developed a severe case of shingles on the upper right quadrant of my face. Ten days later I experienced acute light sensitivity that ruled out driving until Thanksgiving. After Christmas, I had a small stroke and was admitted to the hospital for testing.

The doctors diagnosed me with a condition that is most commonly found in women who are 40 to 60 years old. Before being released from the hospital, I was instructed to take a low-dose aspirin every day.

My symptoms seemed to dissipate by following the doctor’s daily prescription, so I felt comfortable visiting a friend in California in Feb. 2016. While traveling, however, I began having mild stroke symptoms and made a trip to the hospital for a second round of testing.

The results revealed that I had suffered three small strokes in the week leading up to my hospital visit. I returned home and sought answers from a hospital in nearby Nashville. It didn’t make sense that I continued having strokes while on medication, and we hoped they could provide a solution.

The center diagnosed me with Moyamoya syndrome (a fairly rare condition that usually affects Asians or children around age seven; it causes a narrowing of the brain’s blood vessels). Because I didn’t match the description of a typical Moyamoya patient, my doctor suspected that my bout with shingles caused the disruption in my blood vessels.

I underwent an arterial bypass surgery and the medical bills piled up before our eyes. We were unsure how our bills would be paid. That’s when the Lord spoke to my husband and redirected our eyes: first to Him and then to our CHM family.

Following CHM’s advice, we asked for bill discounts. We were astonished to receive over $150,000 off our bills! We submitted the remaining $96,000 to CHM for members to share and they did—every penny.

I could go on for a long time about how God worked His plan throughout our ordeal and always at just the right time and place, but the bottom line is this: God was true to His word, and health cost sharing truly is the way He intended His children to care for one another. As a result, I was able to get the care I needed and am doing much better today.

Thank you, CHM family, for how you serve the Lord in this beautiful way!

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