Melody Huttar, Rushville, NY

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Melody Huttar of Rushville, New York took a moment to answer a few questions about her maternity experience when she and her husband, Trevor, gave birth to Isaiah Hilbert Huttar on August 8, 2015. Here’s what she had to say:

Christian Healthcare Ministries: What drew you to join CHM’s Gold program?

Melody Huttar: We were searching for a way to help with our health care costs, but any coverage we needed was far over our budget. Then our friends told us about CHM and the way its members helped each other spiritually and financially. After a lot of prayer, I joined Gold.

CHM: What did you do when you learned you were pregnant?

MH: In late summer of 2014, we decided to expand our family. I learned I was pregnant in late November. After we found out about this happy news, I read the CHM Guidelines and began completing the Needs Processing forms. After setting up my first prenatal appointment, I called CHM to verify that I had everything I needed before submitting my paperwork to the ministry.

CHM: What was your pregnancy like?

MH: I was blessed with an uneventful and very healthy pregnancy. Because of that, my bills were approximately $9,000. Discounts reduced my bill total to about $5,000. CHM staff were polite and understanding. When the office required a deadline for discounts, I was able to pay the doctor office by that time.

CHM: What else would you like to say?

MH: Thank you, Lara Bennett, for your kindness and ability to help us as quickly as possible. CHM is a blessing to our family, and I have recommended you to many family and friends. We hope to pass along the blessing to others.

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