Member gives birth to fifth child at 47, By Kristie Martin

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My husband and I joined CHM in 2015 as a small business owner needing a budget-friendly healthcare option. We originally joined CHM at the Bronze program: we were in good health. We believed we no longer had need of the maternity program and had money in savings to cover any out-of-pocket expenses. After a few minor incidents over the next few years, we changed to the Gold program in 2019.

One day, I began experiencing symptoms I believed to be early menopause. What a surprise it was to learn that, at 47, I was pregnant with our fifth child! As our youngest child at the time was 17, we thought our child-rearing years were nearly over. How wrong we were!

At an ultrasound appointment at nearly 23 weeks, our baby was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, and we were referred to a pediatric cardiologist. After performing a fetal echo, the cardiologist said she wasn’t sure what they saw on the ultrasound and then gave the wonderful news that our baby’s heart was normal! We serve a God of miracles!

My doctors didn’t want me to deliver past 40 weeks because of the high-risk status, but since my body was showing no signs of going into labor, our son was delivered by c-section at 41 weeks.

The CHM staff were all very helpful throughout the entire process, answering any questions. We would definitely recommend CHM to others. Our daughter and her husband are members as well and are currently going through maternity. Thank you for helping us grow our family, CHM!

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