Member leans on CHM family after suffering debilitating stroke, By Sheri Fortes, Naples, Florida

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One day in July, I started having headaches and neck pains. About a week later, while on vacation, it turned into vision blurriness and almost passing out while driving. Advil improved my symptoms, but they’d come back. I had a neck massage to see if that would help ease the pain, but instead I started seeing spots.  

After researching my symptoms and discovering it might be a stroke, I went to the hospital. I learned I had carotid Vascular Artery Dissection (VAD) on the left side of my neck. They wanted to admit me, but I couldn’t because I was still nursing my son at home. I was given aspirin and told to get a CAT scan the following Tuesday.

On Tuesday, I was with my father on the way to get a CAT scan when I experienced dizziness, difficulty seeing, slurred speech, and neck pain. In the ER, they determined that my neck artery was fully blocked. I was admitted as an inpatient. That night, they woke me, asking me to speak—but I couldn’t.

I’d had a carotid artery stroke, which resulted in Broca’s aphasia; I have difficulty speaking, reading, and writing. The first three words I relearned were “I love you.” Nine months after my stroke, I was up to speaking 100 words—slow progress, but progress, nevertheless. Because I can’t read or write very well, I communicate to family using a text-to-speech app. I also use a speech app to learn new words.

My CHM family supported me through this situation. Thank you, and your continued prayers are most appreciated! “Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!” Psalm 107:1.

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