Member suffered from back pain, surgery shared completely through programs for pre-existing conditions, Calvin Cotterell, Kenai, AK

Total eligible bills
Provider discounts
Total bills shared

In 2014, my wife, Terri, and I heard about Christian Healthcare Ministries from my wife’s doctor.

I’d had back pain since 2012 that grew worse each year. Finally, in 2017 I sought treatment in the form of an MRI and pain control injections. However, the injections only provided temporary relief.

It was apparent that I needed bilateral spine surgery.

Terri called around to get pricing from several healthcare providers. The surgeon offered a 50 percent discount if paid within a certain timeframe, so we scheduled the surgery for Feb. 2018.

Meanwhile, I had called CHM for advice; everyone I spoke with was helpful. I found out that I would receive help through the ministry’s two pre-existing conditions programs: the Gold schedule and the Prayer Page.

I found it easy to submit my medical bills to CHM. The total charges were over $90,000 and I received discounts of over $25,000. That left just under $65,000, of which $50,000 was shared through the Gold schedule and over $14,000 was shared by CHM members’ giving to the Prayer Page.

I was humbled and blessed that so many people who don’t know me took the time to pray for me and help me with my bills.

Today I’ve been given a clean bill of health, for which I thank God, my healthcare providers, my family and CHM.

My experience with the ministry was so positive that I have recommended CHM to others. I can’t say enough good things about it; thank you for all you’ve done for me!

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