Member suffers broken neck without realizing it, receives medical bill discounts of 50-90 percent, Eunice Wine, Dungannon, Va.

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Eunice Wine, Dungannon, Va.

One March day around noon, David, my husband, fell from a 20-foot ladder while helping a friend with his roof. He heard his neck crack as his shoulder hit the ground and his head smacked into a tree. However, he didn’t realize he’d fractured vertebrae in his neck.

His legs hurt from the cuts and bruising of hitting the ladder on the way to the ground. He got up, took ibuprofen, and sat in a lawn chair to sort himself out. Another person helping with the roof, who was an RN, checked him over as well. After lunch, he went back to work. God’s protection kept him from becoming paralyzed.

After supper, while still on the job, concussion symptoms kicked in. His RN friend told him to go to the ER.

I picked him up and took him to the ER. It wasn’t until 1 a.m., after the usual ER wait and work up, that we found out David had a broken neck.

It took a return visit to the ER for CT scans of his brain to rule out brain swelling and to deal with continued concussion symptoms. It was three days before he could keep any solid food down. Eating involved sipping liquids through a straw until we learned how to adjust a C-collar properly.

There were several major complications in this health incident. The first complication occurred when we discovered David needed major surgery on his neck to fuse the C-6 and C-7 vertebrae.

The second complication was David’s traumatic brain injury, which resulted in a diagnosis of post-concussive syndrome. CT scans showed old bleeding, but also swelling on the spinal column and extra spinal fluid in dangerous places. An MRI of his head and neck was required before David could have neurosurgery. This was very difficult to book because of the COVID backlog in the system, but we were thankfully able to get one in time. When David asked if he could pray with the doctor and her staff before surgery, she said, “Yes, please! We’re trained with the skills, but God is the Healer.”

We were able to get some exceptionally large self-pay and cash discounts, but just knowing that reimbursements were coming gave us the mental relief to plan and cope financially and emotionally.

Submitting bills online and completing the necessary forms was so easy. It was straightforward, and CHM was only a phone call or e-mail away if we had questions.

David’s recovery is still ongoing, especially with the concussion symptoms. His six-month neck X-rays showed promising bone growth, and we are praying for visible, continued growth at his annual visit.

Christian Healthcare Ministries enabled us to literally get back to life—to our lives. CHM enabled us to choose one of the best neurosurgeons in Richmond to heal a broken neck. David was not paralyzed and is, instead, living out God’s purposes for him. Thank you for all you did, and still do, for us! You are a blessing to the broken.


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