Members touched by care and support received through CHM's pre-existing conditions programs, Linda Goodwin, Stillwater, MN

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Replacing the device keeping my husband alive wasn’t going to be inexpensive. Thankfully, about a year before, we had become CHM members.

My husband, Joel, and I joined Christian Healthcare Ministries in Jan. 2017. After hearing about the ministry on our local Christian radio station, I became excited at the idea of believers sharing each other’s medical bills—and that eligibility for sharing is determined through a biblical standard.

A few years before we joined CHM, it had become increasingly difficult for Joel to breathe normally. He received several misdiagnoses—asthma, indigestion, stomach problems, etc.—before we learned the culprit was congestive heart failure. He underwent an implant procedure for a cardioverter-defibrillator.

We knew he’d eventually need a replacement device, but the battery wore out sooner than expected.

We were concerned about the surgery’s cost and having to submit a significant need to CHM less than a year after joining. However, we trusted that God would meet our needs.

I called CHM to let the staff know about the new procedure and asked them to walk me through the process of asking for medical bill discounts and submitting the charges to CHM. The staff was extremely helpful and thorough; I appreciated their kindness and the time they took to explain everything. (Editor’s note: To learn how to submit medical bills or negotiate with healthcare providers, go to our Member resources page.)

In Sept. 2017 Joel underwent a successful second implant surgery. We were amazed when the hospital discounted its bill about 40 percent. CHM shared $15,000 through its Gold schedule program for pre-existing conditions. In addition, nearly $30,000 was shared through the Prayer Page—we were so blessed to receive those checks each month until all of our costs were shared.

Today my husband is doing well and his breathing has improved significantly. He only has to see his cardiologist once per year, for which we praise and thank God.

Through this and another medical challenge we faced, we have learned to trust God more during uncertain and unsettling times. He has always been there for us and has proven His faithfulness many, many times.

There aren’t enough words to describe our CHM experience. It’s an absolutely incredible ministry. Joel felt the extent of fellow members’ care and concern each month when he received cards with encouraging words, Scripture verses and prayers. It was also (pleasantly) overwhelming to witness how generous God’s people can be.

We strongly recommend—and have recommended—CHM to our family and friends. Words of thanks don’t seem like enough to express our appreciation. CHM is truly a ministry in every sense of the word!

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