Miriam Cebeira, Milton, PA

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My husband, Fausto, and I are deeply grateful to CHM members for their prayer support, Christian love and financial help from CHM’s Prayer Page following his spinal surgery. Fausto and I are self-supporting missionaries to Guatemala. In 1960 we established a mission that requires a large investment: we manage five radio broadcasting stations and 150 churches in Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Spain and Africa.

When Fausto’s back pain lasted several months, doctors recommended back surgery. However, with many pressing needs in our ministry, we put off his surgery as long as possible.

After much research and prayer, we felt our best option was for Fausto to have the surgery in Guatemala. Though American medical services are superior, we decided to receive medical care where we live.

Our God is merciful, and Fausto’s surgery went very well. We know, too, that the many prayers of fellow believers—including those from our CHM family—are effective. And oh, how we appreciate them!

We have been especially touched by the good wishes and prayers from the children who wrote us notes of encouragement. What a glorious thing to experience: the kindness and Christian love of fellow CHM members.

CHM faithfully shared more than $30,000 in medical bills listed on the Prayer Page. Thank you. We pray that God will bless each of you for your generosity!

Note: The image shows Fausto and Miriam wearing hand-woven Mayan-Ixil garments to identify with the people they serve. At the time of this writing, the Cebeiras are involved in church planting and radio ministry in five of the 23 Guatemalan tribes. There are also missions in South Sudan, Africa and Spain.

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