Mom of four rushed to hospital for brain surgery on Mother’s Day weekend, By Christa Grant, Waxahachie, TX

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It was a Mother’s Day weekend to remember. After being life-flighted for emergency surgery, I was told I might have to relearn to do everything. But I trusted in God, submitting to His will, and He carried me from surgery through recovery and beyond.

I had been slowly losing my memory for a couple years prior to the discovery of the meningioma brain tumor. When I would set out to go somewhere I’d forget where I was going. I would have difficulty finishing sentences. I thought I was developing early onset dementia. And on a Friday, just two days before Mother’s Day, I wasn’t speaking, eating, drinking, or getting up to use the bathroom. My family thought I’d had a stroke.

Immediately, I was life-flighted for emergency care. In the helicopter, I prayed, "God, no matter what happens, I will serve you and tell others about you." I told my family that I had no fear or worry because God is in control. Incredibly, I didn't have to ask for the removal of fear because my trust in God left no room for it.

I learned that after surgery I might have a long and hard recovery, having to relearn basic functions like eating and talking. This specific surgery created more chance for infection and brain swelling. I remember telling the doctor that he could do whatever was medically necessary because I knew that, with CHM, I wouldn’t have to worry about the bills—especially since I was a member of Brother's Keeper!

I joined Christian Healthcare Ministries because I felt that it’s the best way to meet my healthcare needs, and I trust them to fulfill their commitment. They have a wonderful track record of more than 40 years. The staff has always been so helpful and encouraging—they even sent me a card! I thank them all for the ministry they are doing!

The surgery went well, and the egg-sized tumor came out easily. Four hours after the procedure, I woke up talking. Less than 24 hours later, I was walking down the hospital hallway. Praise God! During the few days I spent in the hospital post-surgery, I felt the presence of God. I was weak for a while, but I returned to work three months later. I now have great memory and more energy. This whole experience transformed me from a lukewarm Christian to a believer who is no longer afraid to share my faith with others. Truly, I would go through it all again, just to experience God’s blessing and presence.

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