Peter & Marie “Liz” Keizer, Kailua, HI

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Christian Healthcare Ministries: What did you name your son and when was he born?

Liz Keizer: Truitt Michael Lukela Keizer was born February 25, 2013.

CHM: What motivated you to join CHM?

LK: We signed up when our family work situation changed. Liz was no longer covered under an affordable insurance plan. We looked at many options, including other Christian health cost-sharing plans. We decided on CHM because it best fit our needs and because we were especially impressed with the maternity program. We knew we would be starting a family soon, and CHM’s program was the best available (even compared to insurance plans).

CHM: What did you do when you found out you were pregnant?

LK: I remember calling CHM a few days after we found out we were expecting. We talked with Ken Lefever in Member Assistance (a great guy who hooked us up with the right people). Not only was he helpful, he was excited for us. I felt like we were friends after the first phone call!

Eventually, we worked with Amanda Moore in the Needs Processing department. She was fantastic. She graciously responded to all our questions and was diligent in taking care of things for us.

I really appreciate when organizations employ servant-hearted, kind, relational people to work with. Every person we’ve talked with at CHM has been extraordinarily helpful.

CHM: Were there any complications during your pregnancy?

LK: Though not a complication, our baby boy took an extra two weeks to make his way into the world. When he finally arrived, I was in labor for 14 hours. We chose to deliver without medication. Unfortunately, Truitt’s grand entrance broke my tailbone!

It was a relief to know we were taken care of medically and financially. From day one, we knew who was taking care of us (Amanda), and we had built a solid relationship with her through emails and phone calls. We were confident in her ability.

CHM: What was the cost of your pregnancy?

LK: Our total cost for prenatal care, labor, and delivery was more than $14,000. Fortunately, we were able to obtain some discounts, and then CHM members shared nearly $10,700.

CHM: What else would you like to say about your experience?

LK: Pregnancy and giving birth are lessons in surrendering control and being patient. It’s an amazing experience, but it can be intimidating. So many new things are happening and you don’t know what to expect.

One thing that eases the burden of unfamiliarity is financial preparation. I can’t imagine the stress of financial uncertainty during the most exciting time of my life. My heart is so thankful for CHM because I didn’t have to question if they would help me—they just did.

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