Q & A with a Brother’s Keeper member, Jimmy Hart, Gastonia, NC

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CHM: When and why did you join Christian Healthcare Ministries?

Jimmy Hart: I joined CHM in 2017. I had been self-employed for almost 20 years.

CHM: When did you experience symptoms?

JH: I awoke the morning of Feb. 10, 2018, with a terrible headache that persisted for 24 hours. On the morning of Feb. 11, I went to the emergency room. I had a brain aneurysm. I underwent two procedures to fix the aneurysm.

CHM: Were you able to obtain discounts on your bills?

JH: BJ was able to negotiate discounts from almost all of my healthcare providers—some were up to 50 percent. Wow! Until CHM, we didn’t know it was possible to negotiate lower prices on healthcare. In addition, all of my medical professionals did an excellent job.

CHM: How was your experience with CHM?

JH: Ministry staff members were extremely helpful every time we contacted them. There was an unbelievable outpouring of prayer and encouraging cards from my CHM family. There is great comfort in knowing that people you don’t know are praying for you. It makes me believe even more strongly that we’re all connected by the love of God. I recommend CHM to every Christian.

CHM: What did God teach you during your incident?

JH: God taught me to be patient and trust in Him. He gave me a peace that passes all understanding. I never really knew what that was like until I went through my ordeal.

CHM: How are you doing now?

JH: Praise God, I’m doing great!

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