Rebecca Roberson, Harmony, FL

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My husband, Jason, is self-employed and prior to joining CHM our family had never been sick other than the occasional cold or flu. The only time we had major medical costs was for the births of our two sons, Lane and Jack—and those we paid out of pocket since I was using a midwife’s services.

In 2014 my good friend, Courtney, encouraged us to join CHM. “You’ll be blessed,” she said.

I’ll never forget her words because they came true more quickly than we ever could expect.

In summer 2015 Jason began experiencing severe pain in his left leg; we could see a knot in his shin. The week after he went to see the doctor—and while awaiting scan and blood work results—he broke his leg.

At the emergency room, doctors confirmed the unthinkable: Jason had a large tumor that we later learned was a rare type of bone cancer. To make matters worse, he had to stay in the hospital for a week while we made treatment arrangements with a reputable cancer center two hours away.

I was an emotional wreck; it was one of the scariest and darkest weeks of my life. The doctors at the first hospital had told Jason, an avid surfer, that part of his leg would need to be amputated. Also, the word “cancer” brought back painful memories of losing my 33-year-old sister to breast cancer six years earlier.

However, the entire time we could feel the presence of Jesus in our pain. He never abandoned us even for a moment, and slowly we began to see a silver lining in the dark clouds overhead.

One bright spot was the cancer center, one of the best in the southeast. Financial counselors offered us a 50 percent discount. The original hospital agreed to a 60 percent reduction if the bill was paid in 30 days. CHM was wonderful in working with us to meet the discount deadline.*

When I saw that first check for sharing in the mail, I knew everything was going to be okay. It felt like a weight was lifting off my shoulders as I drove to the hospital to pay the bill in person.

Now I could focus on taking care of my husband, a daunting task. We were facing not only a cancer diagnosis, but a disability that caused Jason to miss a lot of work. A stay-at-home mom, I was suddenly working around-the-clock to care for my wheelchair-bound husband and two small children who at the time were two and seven years old.

Over the course of a year, Jason needed four surgeries to reconstruct his leg. Another way God showed His provision was by sending us a doctor who did everything he could to save Jason’s leg. He had five inches of his tibia removed.

Jason was on bedrest, in a wheelchair or using crutches most of the following year. Sadly, his inability to work for long stretches caused financial hardship to the point that we lost our home. The road was rocky, but I felt comfort knowing that God was sustaining us and that we could endure any storm with the Lord on our side. The ordeal brought into focus what is most important to me: having my husband here with me and our boys.

Prior to the final surgery, Jason’s doctor worked with the FDA, the hospital and an implant manufacturer to have an implant made specifically for Jason.

Our situation began to improve as time brought healing and Jason’s implant has worked extremely well. Today he has been cancer-free for two years! We’ve had to get used to the fact that his leg will never be what it was, but we give all the glory to God that no evidence of disease is present.

One thing I won’t soon forget is the outpouring of love from CHM members during our journey. I could never find the right words to describe what it was like to receive your cards wishing us well and sending prayers and encouraging thoughts. In addition, each check from the ministry office came with a Scripture verse that was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. I believe I cried every time I opened one of those heaven-sent envelopes.

God has taught me that even in the worst times—when everything seems to be going wrong—He loves me and He hears me. I felt a calm and peace that is not of this world, just knowing He is in control. He had taken care of each circumstance before we even knew what was coming.

I know now that switching to CHM soon before the onset of Jason’s symptoms was God’s plan to take care of us. After about $171,500 in discounts, CHM members shared nearly $170,000 in remaining medical bills.

I tell anyone who will listen about CHM. My only regret is that we didn’t join sooner! We have been blessed beyond imagination. Thank you, CHM family! We are forever grateful.

*Editor’s note: Please notify the CHM office right away if your healthcare provider sets a deadline for a large discount (40 percent or more).

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