Rock thrown over bridge strikes, causes with unexpected medical bills, William Wehner, Harrison, Ohio

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I was driving home after babysitting my grandchildren on, quite literally, a dark and stormy night. The rain was so heavy I was focusing entirely on driving.

As I passed under a bridge by the airport, something burst through my window and hit me in the face. I was shocked. I thought part of an airplane fell out of the sky and landed on my car.

I managed to drive to the side of the road without wrecking and called my wife who sent our son-in-law to find me. A young man also saw what happened. He stopped to help and called 9-1-1.

I didn’t know what happened until the police found a five-pound rock sitting in the back of my car. Two teenagers threw it off the bridge. It crashed through my window, bounced off my dashboard, and smashed into my face.

My eye socket was crushed and my sinus bones as well as many other facial bones were fractured. I had surgery to reconstruct my face to patch my fractured bones.

This is where CHM’s support was incredible. The prayers, the cards lifted me up every day. My grandchildren’s school sent me letters from all the grades. My family's support also was wonderful. My brothers and sisters cared for me during the work hours as my wife worked.

My wife applied medication, kept the wounds clean, and fixed high-protein meals. I was only allowed soft food and liquids as I could not chew for six weeks. I had a second surgery because my eye position after the first surgery needed to be corrected.

Things happen for a reason. In this instance, I was God’s instrument to get help for the boy who threw the rock. We’re hoping and praying this experience helps him turn his life around, and I ask for continued prayers.

I have forgiven him. If this situation would allow him to hear about Christ, it will have been all worth it. 

I could not be happier with the way CHM supported us through this process and now that the bills are paid in full and my surgeries are completed, I can move on to the next phase of my life. Through God’s peace, this experience has not made me afraid. Rather, God used it to make me stronger and more humble.

I’m astounded that people from all over the country who don’t even know me cared enough to send me letters, thoughts, and prayers. What an experience to have a family like CHM.

I still have physical scars from this experience, but they are a reminder not of the pain I went through. They are instead a reminder of all the kindness and prayers and support I received from CHM, my friends, family, and complete strangers. Thank you to everyone who supported me, financially and spiritually, through this time.

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