Self-employed member healed from A-fib, credits the power of prayer, Drew Turner, Hattiesburg, Miss.

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My husband, Drew, and I needed a healthcare option that supported our self-employed lifestyle. My husband owns his own taxidermy business, and has a ministry called “The Man in the Dugout Canoe.” Drew is an outdoors man, and goes to churches, schools, and events to share many of his real-life adventures and humorous stories.

He’s built a dugout canoe, traditional bows and arrows, his own brain-tanned buckskin clothing, and other items frequently used in the 1700-1800's. In addition to his show and tell of the many beautiful articles he’s created with animal skins, turtle shells, and other things found in nature, he also tells the story of how Christ changed his life.

When we joined CHM, we were skeptical—but not for long. We are both avid outdoors people and enjoy adventure. On an adventure just a few weeks after joining CHM, I injured a hip. The medical bills for this one incident accumulated quickly to well over $10,000. I admit my confidence was not very high the first time I explained CHM to my health care providers and asked for a discount, but I did, and it worked.

On my husband’s 60th birthday, he begin experiencing dizziness to the point of passing out. It took two trips to the ER and a few days in the hospital to discover he had atrial fibrillation. Essentially, his heart was going into a rapid, irregular heart rate.

Those medical bills mounted up in a hurry.

I explained CHM to the hospital staff. They were already familiar with CHM, and offered Drew a significantly large discount. However, the hospital asked that the bills be paid in a certain timeframe. Using the Member Portal, we quickly began submitting our bills to CHM and included a letter to explain the details of the discount.

CHM quickly responded and shared all of the medical bills to the hospital and referring physicians in a quick and timely manner. But greatest of all, God converted the atrial fibrillation Drew was experiencing back to a normal heart rhythm.

I am thankful for the gifts of CHM but I am more thankful for my fellow CHM family who believe in the power of prayer. It’s because of prayer that Drew’s A-fib converted to a normal rhythm—and prayer is why CHM exists today.

I also encourage everyone to give to the Prayer Page. Drew and I have been blessed and haven’t needed any assistance from the Prayer Page, and that is a greater reason that we want to contribute to its cause.

Though Drew’s A-fib has come back since then, we’re thankful for the support we have through CHM—both then and now. For we all are indeed “the Body of Christ,” supporting one another through the unexpected turns of life.

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