Tammy Sronce, Stephenville, TX

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I sustained a brain injury when I was hit by a drunk driver in 2012. After surgery and rehabilitation I went back to living an almost-normal life. The accident was very costly. A friend from my cowboy church told me about Christian Healthcare Ministries and it seemed like the perfect solution. I joined in August 2013.

I was riding my horse the morning of Dec. 20. Galloping toward the end of the arena, I heard a popping sound. My metal stirrup had snapped in half.

With multiple World Championship titles, I consider myself a very accomplished rider, but I hit the ground regardless. Thankfully I was wearing a helmet but it was evident something had happened to my ribs.

My fiancé picked me up and drove me to my barn. We went to the local urgent care center. My ribs were cracking and my breathing was becoming shallow. We were advised to go to the emergency room, then we were immediately transported to Fort Worth. There, I spent two days in a trauma room with three broken ribs and a pneumothorax (air leak) in my right lung.

My fiancé notified CHM of my incident and I was put on the prayer list right away.

I had no idea my injuries would be serious or require so much care. I was frightened of the accumulating medical expenses, but I was able to pay the first round of invoices due to the prompt service and customer care from the CHM staff.

I have received $42,950 in bill discounts and CHM has shared $32,592.

I’m doing much better and in Jan. 2014 I felt well enough to start riding again. I even won the Pro-Class at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo only four weeks after my hospital stay!

Through this experience, I have been overwhelmed at the kindness of strangers and have experienced an amazing outpouring of God’s love through friends and family. I started receiving get-well cards from CHM members across the country after my fiancé had me placed on the prayer list. I’ve even had a fellow CHM member send me a friend request on Facebook and we’ve had some wonderful conversations.

A special thank you goes out to my CHM contact, Ken Lefever in the Member Services department, in whom I have truly found a friend. He was very kind and thoughtful and always went above and beyond. I don’t know what I would have done without CHM.

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