With CHM, stroke victim was “never worried or stressed” about costs, By Brian Weissberg, Princeton, Texas

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What started out as something minor became something of much greater concern: a stroke. Little did we know how grateful we’d be for being a part of the CHM family.

The problem started with light dizziness as I was playing basketball. When the dizziness didn’t go away, I realized something more serious was happening. I suspected I was having a stroke, and called my wife to take me to the emergency room.

We learned at the hospital that I was indeed having a minor stroke. Three of the four arteries in my neck were damaged. However, at a follow-up appointment, two arteries had miraculously healed without medical intervention. The third artery had an aneurysm and would require surgical insertion of two stents.

Recovery took about 18 months of appointments and surgeries before I was given a clean bill of health. Now, I’m fully recovered! I’m able to provide for my family and keep up with my kids.

Because of CHM, I never worried or stressed about the accruing medical expenses: instead, I could focus on healing. The CHM staff was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, and I’m thankful to not have any medical debt despite having had numerous medical procedures. It was also a huge blessing to receive cards from the CHM family sending their thoughts and prayers.

Sometimes amidst a trial, it’s difficult to see the blessings. But now that we can look back and ponder, it’s easy to find God’s hand throughout this trial. Because of the stroke, we discovered the aneurysm and had it corrected with no major repercussions. I’m thankful for God’s plan for my life and the way He has cared for my family and me.

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