Young girl life-flighted after seizure while camping, Rhiannon Newsom, Tahoka, Texas

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My daughter, Scout, went to Colorado for a camping trip with her grandparents. At first, she just complained about a tummy ache. But after 10 minutes, she threw up, then went limp as her eyes rolled back in her head. She was completely unresponsive.

Her grandparents rushed her to the hospital where staff ran scans. They couldn’t get her to come out of the seizure. She was life-flighted to Colorado Springs where they started more scans, and a 24-hour EEG. She woke up the following morning, and she stayed a few more days for continued testing before heading back home.

I’m so thankful we joined CHM! As self-employed members, we couldn’t have paid for this on our own. Most of the providers gave a 40% discount, and it was very easy to submit bills. Everyone I talked to at CHM was kind and helpful. We even received a card from a CHM staff member.

Scout is thriving, and the doctors never could really give us an answer why the seizure happened. It hasn’t happened again since. We’re happy to know that if something occurs again, our CHM family will be there for us.

Editor’s note: Emergency transport for life-threatening situations is eligible only on the Gold level. See the CHM Guidelines for more information.

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