Young mother thanks CHM members for being “doubly great when we needed you”, Michelle Brown, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

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My aunt introduced our family of mostly self-employed people to CHM in 2016. Because we’re Christians, and due to its budget-friendliness and great reputation, many of us became members.

At the time we learned about CHM, I was pregnant with our second child. My husband, Matt, and my first-born, Caden, switched to CHM right away, enabling us to save money for the upcoming year. I waited until after our second son, Jordan, was born to sign up both of us with CHM. (Editor’s note: For a pregnancy to be eligible for sharing, the mother must be a CHM member at least 300 days before her estimated due date. Women who wish to switch to Gold should allow 30 days for the change to take effect.)

Two years after we joined CHM, we learned we were pregnant again. We were overjoyed to find out that our first daughter would join our family. However, not having personally experienced CHM’s sharing process, I was a bit nervous. I had heard my family talking about CHM members’ faithfulness, but I wasn’t sure how the ministry would work for me.

From CHM’s website, I downloaded and read CHM’s Gold program maternity guide. After reading the booklet’s instructions, I was confident that I could follow its directions. I pulled out a colored folder and put it on top of my desk. I put all of my OB/GYN bills and paperwork in it to keep everything together and organized.

At the clinic for our first appointment, I explained that I was self-pay. They easily set me up with a payment plan and explained that I would be charged at each appointment so that by the time I delivered at the hospital, my bill would be paid. It totaled $5,500. I paid the first installment and then submitted the prepayment agreement for my OB/GYN to CHM along with the Sharing Request Packet. CHM sent me a check for the full eligible amount. I reimbursed myself for the amount I had already paid and then paid off the remainder of the hospital bill even before Everly was born.

When Everly made her appearance, she came so fast that Matt and I didn’t have time to get to the hospital. At first, it seemed like she was following the pattern of my other births, so I thought I had hours ahead of me and plenty of time to get to the hospital. Not so this time!

Just as the contractions became strong and consistent, my water broke. Sixteen minutes and three contractions later, she was in Matt’s arms while dispatch guided him through the birthing process over the phone. Our moms were also on the way, but Everly beat them! Matt jokes that, now that he’s delivered a baby, he can do anything.

Though Everly had made her grand entrance into the world already, we sought hospital care to ensure it was a healthy birth and that neither of us needed additional care. We submitted the last of our medical bills when they arrived, and CHM worked to get them reimbursed quickly.

CHM members shared over $13,000 after $3,000 in discounts.

Thank you, CHM, for being great before we needed you and doubly great when we did need you. This is an impressive health cost sharing ministry that we love and highly recommend to others.

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