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What is cost sharing? | Christian Healthcare Ministries
What is cost sharing? Christian Healthcare Ministries isn't insurance—it's healthcare done differently. Find out how it works for you and your family.
Finding a healthcare home: A CHM story

Follow Jessica and her husband Lee as they discover Christian Healthcare Ministries as a biblical, budget-friendly, and flexible alternative to their medical needs! Learn how CHM works and just how blessed our members are to be part of a health cost-sharing ministry.

How CHM Works | Discover your next best healthcare decision today!

Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM), the nation’s first and longest-serving health cost sharing ministry, provides a budget-friendly, accountable, and faith-based framework to help fellow believers facing a health crisis. Likewise, brothers and sisters in Christ step in to help you in your time of need. Members’ pre-set monthly financial gifts to CHM are the funds used to share each other’s healthcare costs.

The CHM Guidelines - The Next Step to Learning Health Cost Sharing

For questions or concerns regarding CHM’s innovative cost sharing model, the CHM Guidelines is the next step to having all the answers! Whether you need clarity for yourself or an interested friend, take some time to make the CHM Guidelines your one-stop reference to the membership program.

How to Submit Medical Bills with CHM | Follow These Easy Steps!

CHM has made submitting medical bills even easier. Use the Member Portal to upload an itemized bill, showing discounts, the place of service, and date of service. Take a picture, upload, and submit. It's that simple.

Christian Healthcare Ministries | Excellent Option for Healthcare

Christian Healthcare Ministries has been an excellent healthcare option since 1981. We've shared over $8 billion in healthcare needs. Find out more today.

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