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Share CHM with your friends and earn credits towards your costs!

Share CHM with your friends and earn credits towards your monthly contribution and your Personal Responsibility with our Bring-a-Friend (BAF) referral program.

Earn a BAF credit 1 for each friend or family member who joins because of you. After your friend pays for three months of CHM membership, you’ll automatically receive a credit amount corresponding to their membership level. You can earn up to 16 months’ worth of credits per year. That’s right: up to one free year of CHM membership and your entire Personal Responsibility!

They get the support of the CHM family and you get BAF credits. Can you say win-win? Together, we can bear one another’s burdens and serve as the hands of Christ.*

*The state of Maryland doesn’t allow Maryland members to use BAF credits towards their monthly contribution; however, they are able to use BAF credits towards their Personal Responsibility amount. Additionally, the state of Montana limits members to six months’ worth of credits per calendar year.

Earning credits with Bring-a-Friend is easier than ever!

  1. Register. Visit your Bring-a-Friend dashboard through the Member Portal and get personalized referral resources.
  2. Refer. Tell your friends and family about CHM with your unique link through social media, email, text, and more.
  3. Rewards. Earn Bring-a-Friend credit when they join CHM and pay their third contribution!

How it works

If you love your CHM membership, it’s easier than ever to let people know!

  • Tell your friend how much you love CHM! Share your experiences and the essentials of how CHM works. Send them your unique referral link via email, social media, or more so you’re credited when they join!
  • After their third monthly contribution, you get a credit! This credit amount corresponds with their membership level: CHM Gold $240; CHM Silver $138; CHM Bronze $92; CHM SeniorShare™ $115.
  • Did you bring more than one friend? That’s awesome! You can earn up to 16 months‘ worth of credits per year. You read it right: You can earn a free year of CHM membership and your entire Personal Responsibility! So, invite as many friends and family members as you want.

Your dashboard shows you:

When you register for Bring-a-Friend through your Member Portal, you receive access to access your personalized dashboard. It’s quick and easy, and you’re sure to love watching your referral credits pile up.

Your dashboard shows you:

  • How many credits you’ve earned
  • How many times your unique referral link has been viewed
  • Who has acted on your referral, and when you’ll get your credits
  • Helpful resources made just for you, such as premade emails, social media posts, and more

More Bring-a-Friend resources

If you love your CHM membership, it’s even easier to let people know. Friendship is all about relationships and bringing people closer to Christ by bearing one another’s burdens—one friend at a time!

Share the quiz to help start the conversation about CHM.

Hear from other members about their Bring-A-Friend experience.

As CHM grows, your savings can too.

1 Please note: You must be a current CHM member to collect Bring-a-Friend credits.

Christian Healthcare Ministries
Christian Healthcare Ministries and its members help carry the load for their brothers and sisters in Christ, reflecting the spiritual values outlined in Galatians 6:2.