quick_tips.jpg Quick tips for medical savings

Charity Beall, CHM’s CFO and Treasurer, has these tips to help you save money on your healthcare costs, and how to steward the monthly gift amounts you send to CHM to help keep monthly gift amounts low.

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MYS.jpg Meet your staff: Jenice McEndree, Megan Fiscus, Sarah Hoff

Meet your staff: Raegan Hance, Lisa Maruna, Karli Wengerd

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What-to-expect-3.jpg What to expect when your healthcare provider won't give a discount (or sets a discount deadline)

As a CHM member, it’s an important step to ask your provider for discounts! Many times providers have automatic discounts for self-pay patients. But what should you do if they don’t give you a discount, or if they set a deadline to get a discount?

Reading time: 2 minutes

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