Why Bring-a-Friend is the way to go

Why Bring-a-Friend (BAF) is important to every CHM member How it works The big three ways to Bring-A-Friend Starting the conversation
  • There are many Christians who need the service provided by Christian Healthcare Ministries; some of them are CHM members’ friends and family members. In fact, what you tell them about CHM, it may be, quite literally, an answer to their prayers.
  • More hands make the burden lighter for everyone; more CHM members helps to keep monthly financial gifts low.
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The Bring-a-Friend program is simple and straightforward, and it helps you, your friends and everyone who is part of CHM. If you have a Christian friend or family member who needs health cost support:

  • You tell them about CHM, sharing your experiences and the essentials of how CHM works.
  • You provide your friend with the CHM website information on how to join or to find out more about the ministry, being sure to give them your member number so that you can get BAF credit when they join.
  • You receive a free month of membership after your friend or family member’s third monthly financial gift to the ministry.
  • Those who bring a friend each month can be part of CHM for free (with a limitation of 12 earned months per calendar year; in other words, credits can't roll over into future years). Maryland members: Please note that Maryland law prohibits Bring-a-Friend credit for Maryland members. Montana members: Please note that Montana state law limits Bring-a-Friend credit accrual to six per year.
  • Tell them about it: Share your personal experience with CHM. Even if you haven’t submitted bills for sharing, you chose to be a member of a health cost sharing ministry, and others will want to know why you made that decision.
  • Use CHM’s handy BAF resources: Sharing social media posts from the ministry’s social media channels, and Heartfelt Magazine’s testimonials is a great way to tell others about how the ministry works.
  • The CHM Member Portal features links that you can send to friends so that when they join, your member number is automatically assigned to your friend, making sure you get the Bring-a-Friend credit.
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As you talk with your friends and family, focus on these simple truths:

  1. CHM is a means by which Christians support each other.
  2. CHM exists to glorify God, show Christian love, and share members’ medical bills.
  3. CHM is a biblically-based means by which Christians can meet their health care costs.

Here are suggestions on how to start the CHM conversation with your Christian friends and family:

  • "What’s your healthcare cost support method for your medical bills?" or, "What’s your main concern about dealing with healthcare costs?"
  • The answer to either question will lead you to your friend or family member’s chief concern, which will serve as a starting point for your conversation:
    • If it’s a desire to help fellow Christians, speak about CHM in light of Galatians 6:2: "Carry each other’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.
    • If it’s about Christian principles, take them to the CHM Statements of Beliefs, found in the CHM Guidelines.
    • If it’s cost, you can explain to them CHM’s financial gift structure, no one is cancelled or denied membership because of costs, age, weight; flexibility to choose your own healthcare providers; freedom from worry; and other aspects of membership.
    • If it’s catastrophic medical bills, the discussion can move to CHM membership with Brother’s Keeper.
    • If it’s pre-existing conditions, let them know that CHM has two programs for sharing medical bills for pre-existing conditions.
New way to use Bring-a-Friend to help those in need

For members who have accumulated one or more free months of membership, and are looking for ways to help fellow Christians during these uncertain times, CHM is introducing a new, easy way to assist members who are struggling to pay their monthly gift amount.

Members can donate one or more of their BAF monthly credits to a member who has been economically affected due to COVID-19. CHM staff assesses each member in need and will assign monthly credit(s) to one or more members to help them catch up their CHM membership account. Donating credits is simple and no exchange of funds is necessary. Simply click the link below and provide CHM staff with your member number and the number of eligible credits you'd like to donate to the Disaster Relief Fund.


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Bless your friends by sharing your CHM story

There are many Christians who need the service provided by Christian Healthcare Ministries; some of them are CHM members’ friends and family members. In fact, what you tell them about CHM, it may be, quite literally, an answer to their prayers.

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