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Healing Scriptures – Mark 2:17

By Annaliese Raynak
Woman praying

God will prevail

Healing Scriptures restore our faith and provide us with insight into God’s heart. When we need healing for our bodies, minds, or spirits, God’s word provides answers for our afflictions. Reflecting on what God says refocuses our perspective and allows our healing to take place. Rest and read God’s word knowing that it will speak to your situation today.

Mark 2:17 is a reminder that God is the ultimate healer. His word can prevail over any situation and touch even the darkest part of our souls. This verse gives us insight into the biblical answers for hope, repentance, and healing.

The physician

When you find yourself sick, what’s your first reaction?

Do you search for your symptoms online, make appointments, or try a natural remedy? Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals experience extensive training to diagnose, treat, and assist you.

However, there’s also a divine physician who can treat and heal any disease, no matter how incurable or unimaginable. Mark 2:17 is a healing Scripture that shows us God’s desire to touch our lives.

Just prior to this verse, Jesus asked Levi, a tax collector, to come and become His disciple. After Levi joined Jesus, they ate a meal together along with other tax collectors and sinners. These groups are specifically mentioned in this passage as they were of the same social status.

Tax collectors were viewed as having betrayed their fellow Jews by taking their income from them and working for the Roman government. However, Jesus chose not just to talk to these groups, but to sit and eat with them.

Jesus broke down all barriers to reach even the most outcast souls.

He’s the ultimate physician of your spirit and body. It’s not the healthy who need the immediate help of a doctor, but the sick. If you’re sick, make time in your schedule for an “appointment” with the God who cares deeply for you.

Repentance in the Bible

As we dig into this verse, we uncover interesting questions. Jesus said that He didn’t come to call the righteous but to call sinners to repentance. But what does repentance look like and how does it relate to healing?

We all have received an apology that wasn’t backed up by actions or authenticity. Perhaps we have even witnessed the same behavior occurring repeatedly. These untruthful actions can sting and cause us not to trust our friends, family, and neighbors.

However, when God calls us to repentance and we approach Him for His saving grace, He’s faithful and just to forgive us and completely transform us into new beings.

The Hebrew word for repentance is teshuva, which means “to return.” When God calls us to repentance, He’s calling us to leave our ways and return to His ways. Jesus took all our sins on His own body so that we could live a life of freedom.

It’s not the healthy who need the immediate help of a doctor, but the sick.

When we seek healing, we can run to God’s loving arms to find hope. Just as He is faithful to return us to a life of wholeness when we turn from our sins, He’s faithful to return us to healing when our bodies are sick.

In this verse, Jesus is saying that our own self-righteousness can never clean out our souls and restore our health. Yet with one touch, the divine physician can reach the innermost part of our lives and bodies. 

The idea of the divine physician was in full view when Emily Stieger was diagnosed with leukemia…then had to have an emergency C-section to safely deliver their child.

Jesus came for the sick

Jesus is willing to touch you when you struggle with pain, sickness, and disease. He didn’t come for those who believed that they could reach God’s perfect standards, but for those who recognized that they needed a Savior to rescue them from the stormy seas in this life. He is the ultimate doctor of our souls and bodies. When we know who we are in Christ, we can stand strong and walk through life with confidence.

The ultimate outpouring of love washed our souls clean when He died to save us from the most terrible sickness of sin. Your past, present, and future needs are seen by God. He’s with you in this moment as you cry out to Him. Rest knowing that He’s faithful to meet you where you are as you leave your sickness and return to His health and grace.

Mark 2

Reflection Questions

  • We can never save or redeem ourselves from sin by trying to perform perfectly in our human state. Only Christ’s finished work on the cross was able to free us from sin. Are there any areas of your life where you are striving and focusing only on your performance? Pray and ask God to show you how to turn those areas over to Him and His restorative grace.
  • Mark 2:17 shows us that God is the ultimate physician. He can not only heal our bodies, but He can also reach inside our hearts and heal our souls. Where can you take time out of your day to sit with Him? Focus on His ability to restore every area and meet your physical needs.
  • Even when we fall short and don’t feel worthy to spend time with Jesus, He still calls us to return to a life of freedom and joy as we walk as his disciples. Write Mark 2:17 on a note and put it where you can read it as a reminder to focus on Him throughout the day. How have you witnessed God’s grace and healing in different areas of your life?

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Annaliese Raynak
Annaliese is a storyteller whose passion and purpose is to help others connect their stories to the grand narrative God planned for all creation. Weaving a tapestry of words, she aims to highlight the ultimate source of Truth and help individuals discover their God-given value.