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Healing Scriptures – Psalm 34:18

By Annaliese Raynak

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

God’s heart is to restore us to wholeness. When we need healing for our bodies, minds, or spirits, God’s Word provides answers for our afflictions. Scriptures on healing give us a new perspective of hope and comfort. Rest and read God’s Word knowing that it will speak into your situation today. Let’s look at Psalm 34:18.

Psalm 34:18

We pick up our phones and get a notification for yet another negative headline. Instantly, fear strikes into our already weary hearts. We trudge through the day with a sense of impending danger, anxiety, or even grief. Sound familiar?

It can seem like we’re surrounded by struggle, lack, and disappointment. Our souls feel downtrodden, our hearts crushed, and our confidence shaken. But we weren’t meant to live this way. Psalm 34:18 reminds us that even in our brokenness, God draws close to us. Not only is He with us (Joshua 1:9), but He is the divine physician who is faithful to save us and heal us from the inside out (Mark 2:17).

When the dark shadows come to steal our joy, God wants to restore us to wholeness (Jeremiah 30:17). When just going through the motions is a trial, God wants to bring us a sense of renewed life and purpose.

Emotional distress

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted. Our mental anguish and emotional pain don’t cause Him to recoil or turn away. The reality is quite the opposite. In our darkest moments, God wants to draw us into His embrace. He wants to hold our hearts in perfect peace

It doesn’t matter what we’ve seen, what’s been done to us, or what struggles we encounter. Jesus is stronger. His shalom peace involves restoration, wholeness, and well-being for every area of our souls. 

It might not always feel that way, but we can rest knowing that even if our feelings betray us, He never changes. He is true and kind. He is for us through both the triumphs and the trials.  

God is with us

We can look inside ourselves and get distressed, or look at our outside circumstances and get depressed. However, when we look at Jesus, we find real rest. 

God is so close to us, even at this moment. He is Immanuel, the Prince of Peace, and the Mighty Counselor. With just one word, He can cause our broken hearts to come to life. He is always nearby, ready to rescue us from every anxious thought. 

In our darkest moments, God wants to draw us into His embrace.

All depression, fear, oppression, and worry have to leave at the name of Jesus. We can bring every burden and lay it at His feet. We can rest and know His shoulders are strong enough to carry the heaviness that tries to consume our hearts. His nearness brings us to abundant life.

If you’re ready for a breakthrough, don’t let fear keep you from letting His light in. His light is stronger than any shadow. Turn your gaze to meet His eyes, and know that He is with you.

HealingScriptures_Psalm 34 18.jpg

Reflection Questions

  • Does knowing that God is near you in every moment change your perspective?
  • What burdens have you been carrying that you can give over to Christ?
  • God says that He will rescue us and draw near to our broken hearts. How does reflecting on His kindness bring healing?

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Annaliese Raynak
Annaliese is a storyteller whose passion and purpose is to help others connect their stories to the grand narrative God planned for all creation. Weaving a tapestry of words, she aims to highlight the ultimate source of Truth and help individuals discover their God-given value.