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By Christian Healthcare Ministries

The value of telehealth for you and your family.

HealthiestYou™ by Teladoc provides CHM members with access to licensed physicians over the phone or through video chat, 24/7 and from the comfort of their own home. 

CHM is pleased to offer a valuable service for all members and their families—regardless of their selected program—that will reduce minor out-of-pocket medical costs. Through our telemedicine partnership with HealthiestYou™ by Teladoc, CHM members can connect with doctors at no additional cost over the phone or through video chat. Commonly addressed medical conditions include respiratory infections, cold and flu symptoms, allergies, skin irritations, pink eye, and much more. Telemedicine provides a practical solution for a wide range of non-emergency conditions.

This modern-day service is available to all members at no cost beyond their regular monthly contributions. It offers convenient and easy 24-hour access to licensed physicians seven days a week, meeting members where they are. Members of any age can participate and receive quality medical care—even from the comfort of their own home.

Eager to take advantage of this incredible solution? Register today!

Important note: Please contact [email protected] with telemedicine-related questions because HealthiestYou™ is administered by a third party, not CHM. If you are unable to register your HealthiestYou™ account, please contact [email protected]; however, CHM staff members who use this email address can only assist with registration questions. Please send all other HealthiestYou™ questions (such as those about booking appointments, benefits, etc.) to the first email address above.

This telemedicine solution offers access to the following virtual care services and tools:

  1. General medical: Convenient, high-quality healthcare available 24/7 from U.S. board-certified doctors by phone or video at no additional cost to members.
  2. Price transparency tools: Price comparison search engines that can help you make informed choices and save money on procedures and prescriptions.
  3. Intelligent alerts: Location-sensitive alerts are delivered to you, so you spend less time searching around.
  4. Behavioral health care: CHM members have access to licensed mental health professionals, with the option to receive ongoing care from a provider of their choice at a fair-market price to the member.
  5. Dermatology: U.S. board-certified dermatologists that review images and provide a diagnosis and treatment plan can be seen at a fair-market price to the member.
  6. Nutritionist: Talk to a registered dietitian for diet planning or managing a health condition like diabetes at fair-market price to the member.

Step one: Search and download “HealthiestYou” or “HY” in the app store or Google Play! This is also available on iPhone or Android devices.

Step two: Select “First time here? Register now.” Select “Employee” as your membership type.

Step three: Enter the primary member’s information:

  • Last name
  • Date of birth

Step four: A list of names associated with the account will appear. Select your name.

  • Dependents under 18 will appear on the primary member’s profile.
  • Dependents over 18 will need to register their own account with a separate email.

Step five: Enter a valid email address and password.

Step six: Enter in the best number to reach you. The HealthiestYou™ doctors will use this number to contact you. Additionally, select your preferred language. Click “I accept Terms & Conditions” and then click “Finish.”

If you’ve just joined CHM, it may be 7-10 days before you’re able to access the HealthiestYou™ platform.

What if I already have a HealthiestYou™ by Teladoc account?

If you have an existing, active HealthiestYou™ profile through a separate source and you want to merge your account to come through CHM, you’ll need to cancel your original account by emailing [email protected].

After your account has been canceled, please wait 7-10 days to create a new account with CHM by following the “How to register with your CHM membership” steps above.

If you’re a CHM Group and already using HealthiestYou™ by Teladoc services, please email [email protected] for assistance.

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