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Top USA wrestler says “God will provide” thanks to CHM family

By Michelle Ogden of Maitland, Florida

Member Story: Michelle Ogden, Maitland, Florida

Chloe, my daughter, is the No. 1 wrestler in the nation for her weight. One day, during training, she tore her left labrum, which is the cartilage that lines and reinforces your shoulder joint. The orthopedic doctor offered two options: get surgery or try to rehab it.

Chloe opted for rehab.

However, during her next tournament, she overdid it, tearing her right shoulder’s labrum. There was no choice now but to have the surgery on both shoulders.

She had back-to-back surgeries, three weeks apart, before she left for her first year of college. And I was having a figurative heart attack, wondering, how are we going to pay for two orthopedic surgeries?

That’s where CHM stepped in.

It was such a godsend because when you have an injured kid, you’re worried. Would she still be able to wrestle? Did the college still want her as part of their program? There were so many emotions in our home, plus the emotions of her moving to live in another state. She’s never left home, let alone in a place another 8.5 hours away from us.

CHM was there for us, handling the financial side so we could take care of our family.

Praise be to God, both surgeries went well, and Chloe is on track to compete this May at the junior world team wrestling trials.

We joined CHM after my husband lost his job in 2011, and we’ve been huge advocates ever since. We don’t visit the doctor much, so we joined on the Bronze level and added Brother’s Keeper in case costs ever rise past $125,000.

I’m an advisor at our investment firm. Many clients are concerned about paying for healthcare costs after they leave a job, but I always tell them, “If you really truly believe God is telling you to leave, then He’s going to provide for your healthcare needs.”

I’ve recommended CHM to so many fellow Christians and it sets them free. God provides through you, and I’ll keeping singing from the mountaintops about why CHM is awesome.