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What is Christian Healthcare Ministries?

Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) is a budget-friendly, biblical, and compassionate healthcare cost solution for Christians in all 50 states and around the world. We’re not health insurance; rather, we're the first and longest-serving health cost sharing ministry, having shared over $8 billion in our members’ medical bills.

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How it works

Christian Healthcare Ministries is a membership-based, nonprofit ministry through which hundreds of thousands of Christians voluntarily share to pay each other’s medical bills. Choose from one of three programs—Gold, Silver, or Bronze—and add the optional Brother’s Keeper program to protect against catastrophic medical bills.

Members who incur medical costs eligible according to our Guidelines submit their bills to CHM along with a few simple forms. Bills are then shared or reimbursed—usually by way of a check in the mail.

For Maryland residents only: Learn additional information regarding CHM membership for Maryland residents here.

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CHM’s monthly financial gifts (monthly costs) range from $90 to $705, depending on which program you choose and how many family members you add to your CHM membership. CHM also has an optional program for catastrophic bills. Use our cost calculator to see what your monthly financial gift could be!


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The New Testament’s direction that Christians carry each other’s burdens (Galatians 6:2) is the foundation of this nonprofit health cost sharing ministry. CHM is a 21st-century representation of how members of the early Christian Church shared to meet each other’s needs (Acts 2 and 4). And it works: our members have exercised their faith and shared other members’ eligible medical bills since 1981. Learn more about our biblical basis.


As a health cost sharing ministry, CHM isn’t insurance. Here are some unique attributes that enrich your experience as a CHM member:

  • CHM is a ministry and looks for ways to help members. The ministry isn’t a profit-seeking enterprise. Instead, our purpose is to glorify God and serve His people; our members are our sole concern.
  • CHM members are in a covenant—not contract—with each other. Members are Christians living by biblical principles and voluntarily join together to share each other’s medical costs. CHM shares 100 percent of all bills that are eligible according to our Guidelines.
  • Program costs remain the same regardless of your health history; no physical evaluation or medical tests are required to join.

40 years of service to you

Christian Healthcare Ministries' members and staff have exercised their faith by ministering to one another through spiritual and financial support at any age or stage in life. We encourage you to read any of the hundreds of medical bill sharing stories members have shared with us or learn more about why we're celebrating our strong 40-year history and looking forward to a continuing vibrant future.

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CHM members select one of three programs and can opt into the ministry's additional program for catastrophic health events. Get instant, personalized information and compare program costs for you and your family.


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Just three weeks after Faith was born, we noticed a cough that grew worse and affected her breathing. The day after Christmas, we took Faith to the pediatrician who immediately admitted her to the hospital. It was such a blessing to have our CHM family on our side through Faith’s birth and during her bout with RSV.
After struggle with infertility, member’s faith increases After struggle with infertility, member’s faith increases Crystal LeMaster, Gerrardstown, W. Va.
We didn’t have to wait on approvals to receive treatment. The doctor told us what I needed to continue my recovery, and I got it—no referrals, no approvals, no hassle. Thanks to God and CHM, I can get the treatment I need when I need it.
"A combine tried to kill me, but God held my hand" "A combine tried to kill me, but God held my hand" Laurie Hayn, Plymouth, Indiana
CHM staff put our minds at ease, reminding us that our brothers and sisters in Christ are on our side and faithful to share medical expenses. The members and staff far exceeded our expectations—they’re truly the hands and feet of Jesus in our lives. Their support was a testament to the compassion and reliability of the ministry.
Young family attests CHM is “as good as it sounds” Young family attests CHM is “as good as it sounds” Madyson Frick, Billings, Montana
The CHM representatives I worked with were kind and helpful as I prepared for back surgery and later submitted medical bills. CHM’s love reminded me that God was with me. The CHM staff and fellow members were a huge part of God’s provision through prayer and financial support. We feel blessed to be part of this group of Christians who reminded us that God was in the details from the very beginning.
Couple returns to CHM after 15 years, sees God’s hand in the details Couple returns to CHM after 15 years, sees God’s hand in the details Carol Skaggs, Freetown, Ind.
CHM is lightning fast, and it only took minutes to work with CHM staff to understand our next steps when the bills arrived. We are so thankful that we joined CHM! Thank you, CHM, for all you’ve done for our family.
Accident causes nearly $363,000 in medical bills, family grateful for Brother's Keeper and CHM's "lightning fast" service Accident causes nearly $363,000 in medical bills, family grateful for Brother's Keeper and CHM's "lightning fast" service Nikki Bradford, New London, MN
CHM has always been very easy, fair and wonderful—and this incident was no different. [...] CHM shared my COVID-19 medical bills very quickly. I highly recommend CHM!
Q & A with COVID-19 survivor Q & A with COVID-19 survivor Steven Thompson, Bonita Springs, Florida

Have questions? We have answers

We understand that health cost sharing may be a new concept to you. See below or visit our FAQs page to find the answers you’re looking for.


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